Saapio is all about intelligent beauty choices when it comes to skin, health and wellness. With the focus on health and wellness we are looking inward when considering skin health and beauty.

We believe in beauty that goes beyond nourishing physical body, we are made up of various parts and we cannot operate as a whole without addressing each individual area, we cannot understand the fullness of our parts unless they are in harmony. 

Saapio team is dedicated to create wellness by keeping mind, body and spirit all in tune and intact. How you feel is reflected in how you look. We follow holistic approach to beauty that focuses on overall wellbeing and health choices and ensures your body is balanced and your skin glowing. We firmly believe that as you pursue healthy, radiant skin you must consider the quality of your lifestyle, diet and beauty choices.

Saapio approach to beauty emphasizes the interconnectedness of all three areas. Therefore, we want to change common idea of what beauty is. If your body is healthy and nourished, your skin will glow. If you are unwell, missing vital vitamins and unable properly digest nutrients, your skin may show signs of stress and early aging. Rather than addressing an immediate symptom we believe in treating the underlying cause. Saapio team is inspired to promote a nontoxic, intelligent approach to health and beauty routine. We want to build awareness around the efficacy in natural ingredients. We view our role as producers of pure, natural products that consist of strong antioxidant blends to transform your skin. Our products are developed with innovative, highly effective and nourishing ingredients that ensure your skin remains healthy and beautiful. Our main goal is to balance the needs of your body, skin and health by establishing a customized skincare philosophy for any condition. Your skin is the largest organ that absorbs about 80% of what we put on it. Therefore, what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body. We make it our mission to provide high quality, natural and safe products.  

We uphold simple philosophy: Everything we do must meet the highest standards in terms of naturalness, purity and quality. We pursue this notion, with meticulous love, down to the smallest detail. We use finest foods and medical plants that come from their authentic region and are grown and produced in harmony with nature. Most of our nutritional supplements are obtained from natural sources and formulated using the purest therapeutic botanical extracts. Whenever this is impossible biodentical raw components are used, which we retrieve by organic synthesis from plants or bacteria. The goal of all our products is to bring outstanding care, activate self-healing powers, and help the body maintain and regain its natural balance. Our nutrients, superfoods and essential oils can stimulate self-healing powers, strengthen and preserve the natural vitality of the body.